Cone.Fit is your one-stop destination for all your body transformation goals! Be it losing 1 kilo of fat or 50, gaining 1 pound of muscle or 10, toning, firming, and even inch loss, we have done it all! We believe that experience is the best teacher and nothing can defeat success when the principles of science are applied to your body to get unimaginable & sustainable results!



Nutrition Planning

Whatever you goal is, our diets are tailor made using science to give you maximum results, even if you are a vegetarian or your favorite animals are the ones you love to cook and eat, Cone.Fit has a diet for your dream body!

Custom Made Excercises

The world’s leading experts have joined hands with Cone.Fit to develop custom made exercises to maximize gains and minimize losses. Science when combined with exercise results in dynamic transformations! Try it to believe it!

Diets For All

Young or old, tall or short, thin or fat, no holds barred, our experts from across the world use tried and tested diets custom made to suit your needs and give you much more than the results you have desired!

Complete Body Transformation

We all have a dream body which we think is a utopian thought! Cone.Fit has been making these utopian thoughts into reality, after all, its science and 100+ transformations of people across the globe can’t possibly be wrong!

Our Vision


We believe that it's everyone's right to have the best body you possibly can have, and we will help you achieve it!


We don't promise just weight loss or muscle gain, our plans ensure a complete mental, physical, and emotional transformation


Your desire to lead a fit life shouldn't have a boundary! At Cone.Fit we have clients across the world. Be it Delhi, Samoa or even the Vatican for that matter, if you're ready to transform we are ready too!


The results don't stop once the program is over! We ensure sustainable results for all those who join us!




Neha Shingade

Neha Shingade is a qualified engineer by profession but a fitness enthusiast by passion. Having an experience of over ten years in exercise, Neha possesses a plethora of knowledge in exercise planning spanning across different styles and serving different fitness goals. Her specialty is in achieving quick-fire transformations in less than a month (Look no further, than ConeFit’s 29 day plan!). Having been friends with Colin for a decade, Neha is also uniquely recognized amongst modern working woman as an idol to help women in achieving their dream body / fitness goals!

Colin Vernon D'Souza

Colin is a qualified Clinical Psychologist and Nutritionist. Colin is also a prolific writer and is also known for his work as a food critic through the platform, “The 3 Hungry Men”. Having struggled with obesity his entire life, Colin finally was able to shed 70 kgs of bodyweight in the span of a year through a rigorous regimen of exercise and a healthy balanced diet, which is no ordinary feat. Colin believes in applying his professional training and experience as a psychologist and counsellor to empathise with his clients in helping them achieve their fitness goals. If you believe in achieving results through mileage to the knowledge, then Colin is your man!

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