Colin D'Souza


Colin is a qualified Clinical Psychologist and Nutritionist. Colin is also a prolific writer and is also known for his work as a food critic through the platform, “The 3 Hungry Men”. Having struggled with obesity his entire life, Colin finally was able to shed 70 kgs of body weight in the span of a year through a rigorous regimen of exercise and a healthy balanced diet, which is no ordinary feat. Colin believes in applying his professional training and experience as a psychologist and counsellor to empathize with his clients in helping them achieve their fitness goals. If you believe in achieving results through mileage to the knowledge, then Colin is your man!

Neha Shingade


Neha Shingade is a qualified engineer by profession but a fitness enthusiast by passion. Having an experience of over ten years in exercise, Neha possesses a plethora of knowledge in exercise planning spanning across different styles and serving different fitness goals. Her specialty is in achieving quick-fire transformations in less than a month (Look no further, than ConeFit’s 29 day plan!). Having been friends with Colin for a decade, Neha is also uniquely recognized amongst modern working woman as an idol to help women in achieving their dream body / fitness goals!


Dr. Alka Anto


Our very first mentor Dr. Alka has successfully proved that transformations are a piece of cake by first transforming herself and then hundreds of others, she specializes in transforming mothers who have multitude of health issues!

Vidyuth Xavier


An actor by profession and a transformer by passion, if you are addicted to food, he is your solution, don’t believe us? Check out how he achieved 6 packs in 29 days with a BROKEN LEG!


Roydon D'Souza


A computer geek by heart and by soul, Roydon is our Chief Technical Officer, having vast experience in coding and tech, he is said to create lines of code even when he sleeps! And when he’s awake, you can always catch him trying to was down a big meal at the local diner!


Sanjay Kamath

Digital Media Marketing

Widely known for his Digital Marketing and biking skills, Sanjay heads our Digital Marketing team, trusted for coming up with quirky ideas and content, he’s definitely young wild and free! He also has a biking community known as Revlimiterz!


Rajaram Shenoy


Meet our CFO, Rajaram loves numbers (especially when they’re in his account), jokes apart, he is one of the most well known and loved Chartered Accountant down South! That’s not all, being a fitness freak himself, check out his massive transformation


Kuldeep Shetty


The godfather of our designs is Kuldeep, he has a touch of creativity that can even make something bad into a piece of art!

Siva Prasad


Meet our design guru who loves design by nature, our website is the way it looks because of this genius!