Cone.Fit Coffee - Truly artisan coffee decoction

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A part of proceeds from the sale of this product will go towards Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Awareness!

Welcome to the Coffee Revolution by Cone.Fit. After transforming and inspiring thousands of people across the globe, we now bring you our version of India’s first limited edition artisanal coffee decoction.

Low altitude shade grown coffee has numerous benefits ranging from thermogenesis (higher metabolism to burn more fat) to even lowering risk of depression & suicide and can be used as a pre workout or even a relaxing cup of coffee as well.

We take the stress out of your daily coffee routine, just open, pour, add milk/water, enjoy!

Our filter coffee decoction is made using the finest artisanal beans (roasted freshly) sourced from Coorg, India. Our secret blend of Arabica & Robusta beans along with a hint of chicory results in an aroma and taste you have never experienced before!
Makes 20 Cups Of Coffee (or one gigantic jug!)